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About us

CENTRE for STRATEGIC STUDIES-TRINCOMALEE (CSST) is a non-profit Think Tank based in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.

CSST’s main purpose is to research and report on issues of strategic significance in relation to the South Asian Region in general and Sri Lanka in particular.CSST provides the space for independent researchers, academics, activists, writers, journalists and commentators interested in political, economic, international relations and military matters to share their views.


CSST welcomes well-researched papers, evidence-based analysis, thoughtful arguments, and constructive critical views. Authors are responsible for the content of their papers. CSST encourages authors to submit papers written in Tamil for publication in the Tamil section and where deemed necessary endeavour to have them translated into English for publication in its English section.

Articles submitted to CSST must comply with the following:

  • Author's original work based on solid analysis
  • In a language that can be read with ease and pleasure by professionals and non-specialists.
  • Offered exclusively to CSST.
  • Between 800 to 1,200 words.
  • Accompanied by a brief bio of the author

CSST shall, occasionally commission articles between 1,200 words and 3,000 words exploring issues in depth.


CSST shall, from time to time publish interviews with political personalities, academics and activists.

Projects and Publications

CSST shall from time to time publish well-researched papers covering a range of issues and implement projects across various subjects.